Farewell, Mill Hollow

latesummerleavesFor my day off today, I spent six hours riding the trails above the Alpine Loop with Curtis and Olin. It felt so great to spend another perfect late-summer day outside! Being outdoors seems to lubricate the heart and the cooler, dry air feels so much sweeter in my lungs.

We stopped to chat with mountain bikers and cute trail runners and I got to wondering how many moose and cougars we miss as we speed along with our eyes glued to the trail. Then a few minutes later, a giant bull and cow moose ran across the trail about 20′ in front of Curtis. shaunpine

The only sad news is that the Forest Service has been making a lot of major improvements to some trails, and next year my favorite will be transformed from an incredible, steep, rocky, challenging, fun climb to a relaxing, easy, winding, switchbacking stroll. SAD! I’m really going to miss it. I’ve never found another trail that wakes me up so much, makes me pay attention, and makes me feel as happy as Mill Hollow.handlebars

Also, my kick stand fell off. Someone nearly broke it off last week and I’d been keeping a close eye on it to make sure I didn’t lose it before I could get it welded back on. So today, after a long ride up and down all sorts of rough trail, we got back to the cars/trailers, and I barely touched it with my foot, and it plunked right onto the ground. Thanks, Guardian Angels, for taking such good care of me even in little ways!

aspenmeadowTop photos taken on the Tibble Fork Trail, bottom two on the Ridge Trail.

One thought on “Farewell, Mill Hollow

  1. Diane

    that is beautiful up there!!! 🙂 let us know when the leaves really start changing k?! I would love to let Hunter roam a bit in the wilderness before it gets too cold.

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