Goodbye, TICA

chimes1Today was my last day as a National Park Ranger at Timpanogos Cave, and it was a good one. I had four good tour groups who seemed to enjoy their tour and appreciate the wonders (a totally busy day means five tours), plus some time to chill with coworkers and chat with kids at the cave entrance.

I saw a few bats (very rare in the cave since we’re so loud, but the cave has been closed all week), took a few good photos on my final nostalgic walk through the cave after that last tour, then locked the cave doors and set the alarm for the last time. The sun was just setting all golden as I started down the trail with Josh and Monica.

chimes2 I expected to feel the change immediately after turning in my badges at the visitor’s center, but I didn’t. I walked to my car and still felt just as much like a ranger as before. I still do, which is nice.

Will I ever be a ranger again? We’ll see. I’ll probably apply in December and with Karissa’s help, would have no trouble getting hired. Then wait and see what’s going on in May when the cave reopens. No matter what, I’m really glad I got to do this!! It’s been fun and interesting and a great experience to look back on. Thanks, Rach, for getting me all connected! And to all you rangers, it’s been fantastic getting to know you and working with you!

Hrangershaunfinal1ere are a couple shots of my final tour and the cave before the lights all went out while I was in Chimes Chamber (thanks, Monica!). Soda straws and those amazing swirly helictites (above), a rusty rock waterfall, and the gnat embedded in calcite in Middle Cave that’s only visible when you shine a light through it.ticabugrangershaunfinal2

One thought on “Goodbye, TICA

  1. Chantal

    Shaun the park ranger! It so fits you, but at the same time, Shaun can’t really be fit in a box. One element of who you are, is the park ranger. Glad you enjoyed it.

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