The Boat

The Christmas season is upon us and things with the books are really coming together. They’re now available on, I’m working on getting a very highly-recommended distributor with national chain ties, and most of the work is done.

The question is, am I too late? Have I missed the boat for this year?

In talking to a friend who runs an online bookstore, he tells me that by around this time, people stop shopping online for books for gifts and go to the stores, to make sure the gifts arrive in plenty of time.

You can still order from Amazon, btw, and get it on time, even with super saver shipping, though you may need standard shipping soon to get it on time.

And I’ll get a couple hundred books delivered here on Tuesday. I hope to at least sell most of those to friends and neighbors, then be patient for the big boat next year.

In the mean time, if you’ve read either book and liked it and have a minute and are in the mood to do me a huge favor, I’d really appreciate if you’d leave a comment on any of the web pages where they’re for sale to help visitors decide whether to buy it!

Here are the links:

Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas:


The Perfect Gift:



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  1. Melanee

    I am so incredibly thrilled about your book publications! So fabulous. So inspiring. So proud of you! Love the covers too, especially the one starring YOU! I have neglected my blog for a while, but will definitely post hopefully tomorrow. Yay!

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