75 Search and Rescue Stories – READY to ORDER

75 Search and Rescue StoriesAt long last, 75 Search and Rescue Stories is ready to order!

It may not seem long to you, but after working day and night for months…it does to me! The first month went very well, cranking out content quickly. The second month, it took real effort to make myself work on it, but once I got momentum, the words usually flowed nicely. Then the final revisions, editing, photo layout, and such was less taxing on the brain and came along just fine.

Some stories are short and sweet. Others are long and gripping. Some make you want to celebrate against-all-odds victories, and with the ones that end in tragedy, I usually do a pretty good job of putting on a positive spin (sometimes surprising myself how well they came out).

It occurred to me last week that I’ve written three major books in the past year. Not bad!

Now it’s time to try to sell this book and I have a question for you: what would it take to get your interest enough to buy it, or your support enough to help spread the word?

For example, it’s a good cause. Our volunteer SAR team responds to all types of emergencies in all types of weather at all types of day or night for people we have never met who desperately need us on the worst day of their lives. Part of the sales proceeds supports our team. Our entire team quietly goes about its job with no thought of reward and without making much fuss about the incredible work we perform on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean that a little recognition and support doesn’t mean a lot to us. It does. And to be perfectly honest, I could certainly use your help right now. (It’s hard to ask for help! Is this what our victims feel when they call 911? Even so, I’m asking.)

Anyway, whether “help” means ordering a copy, or a supportive facebook post, or a blog entry with a link to http://uoflife.com/75-search-and-rescue-stories, or a call to your favorite uncle who runs an influential magazine who may want to run a story about SAR, I thank you in advance for your support. To those who have already done so, I owe you a big hug. You are true friends and I’m grateful.

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  1. Shaun Post author

    So far Hansen Mountaineering has a few copies (1700 N State, Orem) and soon there will probably be some at Out n Back, Mountain Works, and a few other spots. Or you can get them directly from me.

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