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December book sales doubled November’s record and I finally earned more as an author than as a university writing teacher (yay!). I expected sales to drop off after the Christmas season (14% of all 2010 book sales came in December, for example), but so far that’s not the case and January looks much better than last month so far. I’m hoping this trend continues! I would love to write full time and crank out three or four titles per year!

Last month I set up a system for readers of the Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas series to be notified as soon as book 3 (A Fall from Heaven) is ready – just send an email to heaven @ shaunroundy .com).

Ever since, as readers have signed up, they’ve also been sharing a lot of nice things about their experience with the series so far. Knowing how eagerly (and sometimes impatiently) they’re waiting for the rest of the story greatly increases the priority of getting that last book finished – though I’m still working out a few key revelations that will ensure that it’s the best of the three.

Since people rarely post to public places like Amazon reviews, I’ll share a few of the comments here (anonymously – I hope they won’t mind!).

This Christmas my favorite reads were by far your series with Spencer and Ski. I would definitely like to be notified when A Fall From Heaven is released in Kindle version. Please add me to list of people waiting patiently (or should I say impatiently) for the sequel!
“Fabulous writing…”

“PS I love your other books. You are an amazing writer!”

“Can’t wait! Please let me know when it is available!”

“Please notify me when this book is available on Kindle. I’ve just read the first two over the last couple weeks and can’t wait for the last! I love how the books make me think and I always feel very optimistic, hopeful and light hearted after reading them. I can relate to all the “thinking” that Spencer does and loved the transformation of Ski. Well done and thank you.”

“Just finished reading the first two books in 3 days! Loved them. Can’t wait to read A Fall from Heaven on my kindle.”

“Love the series! please let notify me when this book becomes available for Kindle.”

“Ok, so you got me hooked on the Courage love and the meaning of Christmas series and I’m very dissapointed that I can’t find anywhere that tells when the final book comes out! I have spent over an hour searching the internet for information about when it comes out!”

“Just finished reading Courage, Love, and the Meaning of Christmas and can’t wait to read A Fall from Heaven! When will it be available on Kindle?”

“Please email me when Fall from Heaven is released. I found first two books were inspirational. I believe that god does work in great ways.”

“Please notify me when Heaven becomes available on Kindle. I LOVE these books.

Plus this comment that Doug shared over on my /author page:

My wife and I just finished your two Christmas Novels. I had been wanting to read a Christmas themed novel together and fortunately I found your books on Amazon at an incredible Kindle price.
I wanted to share that we read every page of these two books together. We both recently bought iPads and the Kindle format triggered the plan. We sat together and took turns reading to each other. We even read together a couple nights when I was out of town via cell phone.
We finished The Perfect Gift today after reading three hours straight. We can’t wait for Book Three. We enjoyed your writing style and found many introspective topics to ponder and meditate on. We also enjoyed the venues and emotional struggles and progression of all your characters. We could see the books on the big screen.
We look forward to reading some of your other books soon, but especially “A Fall From Heaven”. We think your students have a great talent to learn from.

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback and motivation! I’ll get it done as soon as possible!

In fact, I’ll release it first on Kindle which will allow me to do minor revisions before going to print. Sign up via the email mentioned above to be the first to know, or like where it will get announced second.

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