Puppy Peace

Dear Neighbors,

Heather Ridge is a beautiful area to live with outstanding neighbors . Besides winter sometimes lasting a few weeks too long (sorry, Marsha!), perhaps the only downside is the frequent noise level in some areas of the neighborhood. Due to barking dogs, some neighbors stay indoors rather than enjoying the fall weather in back yards, and even then must sometimes turn up the music volume to drown out the barking, or even lose sleep.

Please don’t feel bad if you own a dog and it rarely barks. We know many dog owners take conscientious steps to ensure that barking doesn’t interfere with the neighborhood’s tranquility. Also please don’t feel bad if your puppy *does* bark often. Everyone knows that dogs are more than just noise makers and can be important members of your family. We love you and don’t wish to complain or point fingers, just to find the best answer for all involved.

Our mission is to implement a win-win solution that restores greater peace and quiet to our neighborhood without asking dogs to stay indoors. We hope to collect enough voluntary donations to purchase two hypersonic dog trainers. These units can be hung in back yards and are activated by a dog’s bark. It then emits a high-pitch noise (inaudible to humans) which trains dogs not to bark. The units require anywhere from one minute up to several days or a week in the slowest cases to significantly reduce barking. Each unit including shipping costs $86 (slightly cheaper models are available, but this preferred model has a proven track record and excellent reviews).

If you would like to contribute, any size donation – $5, $10, $20 etc. – is helpful and appreciated. Shaun Roundy and Suzette Carter have volunteered to collect your donations, and the units will be passed around the neighborhood as needed.

If you prefer to make a donation via credit card, click the button and enter your desired amount:

Thank you for your participation! Your donation helps us all to live in peace 🙂

2 thoughts on “Puppy Peace

  1. Karolee

    Just was stocking friends on facebook and landed on your website…and then, in turn, on your blog. I thought this post was a terrific solution to the issue you brought up. What a great way to problem solve….not going into a huge power contest of blaming and critisizing, but rather actually brainstorming a solution. Pretty impressive…and somewhat rare. Thanks for standing up for all views involved… those of the dog lovers, the quiet lovers, and the canines themselves…..and of couse all the folks that are combinations of these groups (which would be where I find myself.) I don’t live in your neighborhood, but I can definitiely relate.

    Karolee (you probably don’t remember me since we only met once, but we are facebook friends…and I still think we should go hiking sometime…)

  2. Shaun Post author

    Thanks Karolee. I’ve heard from many quiet lovers so it’s nice to hear from a dog lover, too 🙂
    And yes, we should go hiking sometime. I’m working on learning to not work all the time…

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