For thirty years,
you drank sunlight from the sky,
sucked water from the earth,
and turned a tiny seed
into a towering giant.
Your leaves cast cool shadows
all summer long,
and winter lulled you into a fitful sleep
year in, year out.
When the chainsaw bit through your side,
your own weight dragged thirty years
down to the dying leaves you shed.
I’ll cut you into pieces now
and shove you in my stove.
I’ll set a match to kindling,
knowing that you can’t resist
the lure of yellow flame;
the compulsion to become the same;
to shine and decay 
and fade quickly away
into nothing
but ash.
Soon the only thing left to be forgotten
will be heat and light,
falling quickly apart
growing dim
in the darkness,
lost throughout the universe.

2 thoughts on “Firewood

  1. Betty dunstan

    Hello Shaun, I have just discovered your books and am blown away by them! I feel we are so on the same page in many respects. I really respect your writing skills and evocative poetry as writing well is a great aim of mine. I share your philosophy on life and I revel in the magical bright feeling of Christmas too, which I look forward to every year. But most of all I love the beauty and serene peace of heavy winter snow. In fact most of the pictures in my house are of snow scenes to remind me of my youth in England – no snow where I live now unfortunately in rural Australia near the beach!

    Photography is a major obsession of mine and I see you are getting into photography yourself . You might be interested to google ‘dpreview challenges’ a website I have found very interesting and instructive. I have won a few good places in some of their international challenges, voted on by their hundreds of members throughout the world.

    I look forward to more books by you. I have already bought all of your past books!
    Kind regards,

  2. Shaun Post author

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Betty! And of course I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed my books. I will check out that website (and look for your award winning shots).

    I’m starting a new job where I’ll be shooting quite a bit of video, so I’ll watch for more photo opportunities along the way and post some here. In fact, there’s one I’ve been meaning to take and write a poem to accompany it, so I think I’ll stop thinking about it and go shoot it right now 🙂

    p.s. Sorry you’re missing the snow – it’s just beginning to warm up around here and I’m thinking winter lasts a little bit too long, though the snow on the mountains above my home makes me feel like I live in a postcard 🙂

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