The snow fell so hard around me
– obscuring the path a few steps ahead,
hiding the invisible future from view –
that it seemed only right
to walk away into it
until a path appeared.

I ducked my chin into my collar
and kept the wind at my back
My eyes fell
on the snowy ground,
and feet stepped forward
again and again
with no idea where
my steps would lead.

I walked to the end of the road
and did not slow down
and did not turn around
and did not question where I was going
because I already knew
there are no simple answers.

As for the past
that brought me here,
it hardly matters anymore.
How can something
so dead and gone
give me anything steady
to lean on now?

When I had walked farther
than I planned
or wanted,
I turned around
and followed my tracks homeward
until they disappeared
under the falling, drifitng snow.

I have no future and now,
I also have no past.

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