The University of Love

The University of Love

One reason I don’t often post on this blog is because I’m busy writing books and content on other sites. One of my main current projects is The University of Love, a section of The University of Life that I expect to be the most important and exciting thing I’ve ever contributed to the world.

Five years ago, I thought, “If love is the real answer to life’s most important challenges, why are we so awful at teaching it?” I began brainstorming and came up with dozens of very effective approaches, then read thousands of pages of research and insightful books by great thinkers about what love is and how it works, which greatly enhanced and expanded my work.

I’ll keep producing articles, videos, courses and books there and I hope it reaches millions of people and changes our world for the better. It feels good to do something so meaningful.

Also visit and like the accompanying Facebook page at for periodic love quotes reminders about how to love and why it’s so worth your time and effort.

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