Moab Fall Training Camp 2009

For the past several years, I’ve taken the motorcycle to Moab with my SST (search and rescue singletrack team) buddies and spent two or three days riding the endless┬áslickrock and other trails in the area.

Every year’s a little different as we pick different areas to ride, bring different friends along, have different crashes, break downs, injuries and jokes. This year we spent less time on our traditional favorites Slickrock/ Hell’s Revenge/ Fins n Things and more time exploring, riding Moab Rim, Steel Bender and Behind the Rock.

We had two significant bike injuries with brakes and gear shifts puncturing engine covers (Jake and David) but we’re experienced at fixing such things with metal epoxy and they didn’t slow us down much. Jake also popped his front tire against a rock, which threw him off the trail, over a log that sent him airborn for over ten feet, and into cactus. Oops! We did our best to patch the 1.5″ hole and sent him back with a tire pump. Luckily, he met someone who happened to have a spare tube and that got him back to the car safely.

Pictures and stuff to come….

One thought on “Moab Fall Training Camp 2009

  1. OJ

    Sure glad the KTM has yet to have a real problem in Moab. I’m sure my time will come. Thanks for taking all the pictures for the rest of us to lazy anymore to pull out the camera.

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