After class today, I ran an errand on the motorcycle. Two little girls sitting outside Sonic smiled and waved to me. I picked up some groceries and another 2-year old kept her eyes glued to the bike as I rode away. Children inherently know, it seems, that motorcycles are exciting.

<– Here’s a recent photo of Stacey & I on the road to Squaw Peak. We agree with the children.

During a class discussion today, we briefly discussed the fact that critical thinkers view problems as “exciting challenges” rather than just hassles and headaches.

If only we inherently knew THAT.

Update: I took 7 year old Sarah for a motorcycle ride up the canyon for her birthday. “This is the BEST day of my life!” she gushed. She meant it, too.

One thought on “Exciting

  1. Diane

    Fun! That does look exciting. 🙂 I’ll have to remember that perspective on challenges as well. Wouldn’t that make life so much “easier” if we could always remember that?!

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