Everything Democrats Know about Government

Hot off the University of Life Press, two brand new books by Dr. Phillip Buster arrive just in time for the Republican primaries and next year’s elections! These books clarify and confirm what you always suspected…and as you may have guessed, there is not a single word between the book covers, making these books the perfect gag gift or coffee table book for your favorite political junkie or adversary!

The book comes in two forms:

Everything Democrats know about Government
Available from:
1. Amazon.com @ http://amzn.to/democratbook – like it and leave a funny review!
2. Direct from the printer
3. Amazon Kindle @ http://amzn.to/democratkindle
4. BUY 5 GET 1 FREE from UofLIFE.com:

Everything Republicans know about Government
Available from:
1. Amazon.com @ http://amzn.to/republicanbook – like it and leave your funny review!
2. Direct from the printer
3. Amazon Kindle @ http://amzn.to/republicankindle
4. BUY 5 GET 1 FREE from UofLIFE.com:

Each version clearly and concisely explains Democrat or Republican logic & values regarding:

– The Economy
– Social Issues
– Foreign Policy
– Energy Policy
– Environmental Policy
– Ethics

A comprehensive historical timeline reveals significant contributions each party has made to America’s past and present greatness.

From the back cover:

“Brilliant!” – Fox News

“Says it all. An ideal political reference guide.” – The Washington Post

“Dr. Buster’s impeccable reasoning and direct style result in perfect clarity and outstanding readability.” – The Wall Street Journal

[Everything Republicans know…has reviews from The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and USA Today]

At last – complex politics made simple! Written for novice Democrats or Republicans who want to better understand their political rivals, this insightful and succinct overview accurately summarizes the logic, wisdom and values behind Democratic viewpoints on:
– The Ecomony
– Social Issues
– Foreign Policy
– Energy Policy
– Environmental Issues
– Ethics

A comprehensive historical timeline outlines major Democratic contributions to America’s past and current greatness.

About the Author

As President of the Center for Democracy and Truth and Dean of Political Science at the University of Life, Dr. Phillip Buster has devoted his life to studying United States government. After many attempts, he has successfully captured the essence of American politics in this concise volume.



3 thoughts on “Everything Democrats Know about Government

  1. Kirsten Barksdale

    Shaun, I have never known anyone who takes their ideas and actually follows through with them as much as you do. You are hilarious!

  2. Janae

    Awesome Shaun! Definitely GOVERNMENT. Your ship has come in! You are a genius…lol. SO what is the status of your other books? i.e. the book you owe me for my birthday…the last book in your trilogy… I am really in need of a good book right about now and as much as I know Everything Democrats know about Government will be good, I have a feeling I will be done with it in no time and just leave me hanging for another Shaun Roundy classic. 😉

    Hope you are well!

  3. Shaun Post author

    Thanks Kirsten! Luckily this one only took a few hours to design the cover. Fastest book ever! I give partial credit to the more onerous task at hand that this helped me avoid 🙂

    Janae: yes, I haven’t forgotten your gift! It was coming along very nicely and is 80 or 90% finished…and then I kinda got stuck. Or behind on other jobs or something. But I will soon get back to it and hopefully build up some momentum and finish.

    As for book three of the trilogy, I’ve worked on it a bit lately and it’s going well so far but I’m pretty sure I won’t make my goal of finishing it this year. 🙁 Probably before the end of winter, though. Maybe you’ll have to read EDkaG twice while you wait 🙂

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